VINCI, has a very distinctive design concept, one that is unmatched! It is inspired by art and its various phases. It integrates the art elements of every art style into its urban and landscape design using dynamic approaches to set the standards for contemporary living, created to exude the warm earthy accent of a home whilst overlooking scenic landscapes. Behind the creation of this project comes the interior designer, Hany Saad Innovations creating a unique look and style to the exteriors and interiors of the project.


The strip provides the most scenic retail experience, enhancing the lifestyle and entertainment destinations that add value to VINCI’s tenants. Our optimum location allows the strip to serve the surrounding neighborhood. The compound is strategically located in the core of New Cairo, near by the Presidential Palace, Massa Hotel, Central Bank and The Parliament Zone.


VINCI is an art piece! Every zone inside this project is designed into a specific art style that’s relative to a certain art period originating from the 19 th century all the way up to the 21 st century. VINCI uses every art element inside each art style and incorporates it inside its urban & landscape design using dynamic approaches to set the standards for modern living.


VINCI is a boutique compound located on the main ring road of the New Capital; it’s a compound that offers an array of first-class services & exclusive amenities to its residents assuring the ultimate luxury & deluxe living


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